Analysis and Consultation

After contacting us, we will set up an appointment at your convenience to meet for a pressure free consultation.  After inspecting the roof and discussing your needs we can provide you with a free quote and specific system to best suit your needs and expectations.



To ensure your roof gets the best result possible, we pride ourselves on extensive surface preparation. We always go above and beyond during this step of the coating process. Our goal is to continue to produce the highest quality roof restoration possible, and this step is absolutely crucial to insuring a long-lasting water tight roof. Every roof we coat will be inspected by a certified coatings inspector before and after the coating process.


Coating Application

At OTEC Services we have a very experienced and highly trained staff that is courteous and professional. We take the time to consistently check our material thickness during application to insure we always meet the manufacturers system requirements. We always address each and every penetration and seam before coating, and we do it at half the price of traditional roof systems.  Contact us today to get started.



Our building had seven leaks before OTEC Services completed our project. Now there are no leaks at all. I called OTEC about what we thought was a leak in the roof and they responded very quickly. They took the time to help us figure out that a pipe had broken. It was not a roof leak but they showed us that they really do stand behind their work and will be there if you call.

Jared - Michelin Operation Manager

Solvent Free Silicone

Using high solids silicone liquid applied membranes, we handle everything from full roof restoration to emergency repairs. Providing our clients the highest level of service with an efficient non-invasive application is always our goal. We believe that roof restoration using High solids silicone is the future of commercial Roofing. Give us an opportunity to look at your upcoming project and see the quality and savings we can deliver.

Solvent Free Silicone roof coatings are far superior to other products on the market today. Silicone provides better adhesion, faster cure time, UV stability, energy efficiency and is very resistant to ponding water. No other coating on the market can compare, that is why we at OTEC Services are on the cutting edge of roof restoration in Oklahoma. With our combined 30 years of coating experience and highly trained crews there is no better company to partner with on your upcoming roof projects and repairs. Contact us for a free roof evaluation and see why solvent free silicone is the best option for your commercial building.

Technical Product Information

Never replace your roof again. No tear-off or disposal costs.

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