Our high solids silicone system can be applied to a wide variety of roofing substrates. We repair and recoat all of the traditional failing roof systems. This includes Single Ply, Metal, and asphalt-based roofs installed over the last decade.

Lower Cost

Traditional roof systems can be very expensive, leading consumers to look in a different direction. Our system provides lower labor cost and completely avoids Tear off. We can consistently save our customers a significant amount of capital and still provide a better service and warranty.


Many roofs will start to fail at seams or penetrations. Our system is applied in liquid form and eliminates those seams and other entry points for moisture to find its way into your building. The cured membrane is not only seamless but also self-flashing. This creates a flexible barrier that will even withstand ponding water and the toughest weather Oklahoma can throw at it.

Energy Efficient

High Solids White Silicone does two things very well in this category.  It Provides 85% reflectivity which keeps the heat load off your building. By removing the heat from the roof, it extends the life of roof top A/C units allowing them to run less often and more efficiently. Over time our system will pay for itself.


Our system installed correctly will be the last roof you ever put on. We can keep your current silicone roof under a transferable Warranty for the life of the building without ever having to tear it off again. First, we do an inspection free of charge, then we prep the substrate and apply a new coat of material. After applied the roof is back under a full-service leak free Transferable Warranty.

Warranty Program